Your Guide to Winter Skincare

Your Guide to Winter Skincare

winter skincare Winter brings with it a ton of holiday cheer: with the excitement of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year just around the corner, there’s no wondering why this is called the most wonderful time of the year. Through Florida’s famously mild winter might not seem like they present the biggest hurdles to your skin, it does bring about some changes that make it a great idea to give your skin some extra care and attention. Today, we’re covering all things related to winter skincare: how the changing season impacts your skin, daily tips for optimizing the appearance and health of your skin, and some incredible skin treatments that are perfect for the winter. Ready to finish off the year with luminous skin? Just keep reading.

Seasonal Changes Affect Your Skin (Even in Florida)

It might be tempting to roll your eyes at the idea of a Florida winter having much of an impact on your skin (especially if you’re originally from a colder climate). However, winter does bring about some changes that can genuinely impact both the look and feel of your skin. For one, the cooler temperatures and reduced humidity of a Florida winter, though resulting in relatively mild weather, can cause dryness that you may not experience the rest of the year. When left unaddressed, dryness can easily turn into premature wrinkling and lines. Another extremely common side effect of a Florida winter with massive skin effects is that, during the cooler months, it can be easy to forget to put on sunscreen. This is a major faux pas – no matter how cold it might be outside, it’s necessary to apply sunscreen to your face, hands, and all other exposed parts of your body every day you go outside. This is crucial to preventing wrinkles, lines, and – most importantly – skin cancer.

Daily Tips for Fresh, Beautiful Skin

The best thing you can do on a daily basis to make the most of your winter skincare is stick to a go-to routine consistently. Every morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, moisturize, and apply sunscreen. Before bed, repeat the morning’s steps (minus the sunscreen) and, if you’d like, you can use an eye cream for extra moisture and/or serum that’s rich in Vitamin C to help promote smooth and even skin. Stick to your skincare routine as consistently as you can not just during the winter, but year-round, for optimal results. Moisturizing your skin is crucial for the drier winter months. Make sure you go with a gentle, dermatologist-approved moisturizer that sits comfortably on your skin.

Your Go-To Winter Skincare Treatments

Winter is a great time to go the extra mile in pampering your skin. If this is something you’re interested in doing, consider one of the two excellent facial options below. 

European Facial

The beauty about a European Facial is that it’s customized to your skin type, specifically addressing your skin’s specific texture and needs. This treatment option isn’t just great for in-depth cleansing, toning, brightening, and tightening – it also includes extractions to help ensure that you close out the year with clear, healthy skin. 

Look Out For Great Seasonal Specials

In honor of the holiday season, we’re offering exclusive, limited-time only deals on some of our most sought-after skin treatments. Reduced prices on our seasonal pumpkin mask facial (a client favorite, by the way!), our Dermaplaning Enzyme Mask Facial, and our Laser Hair Reduction Packages (which can be as low as 6 sessions for just $300!) make this holiday season the perfect time to treat yourself or a loved one to an amazing skincare experience. You can learn more about our specials here (and it’s a good idea to hurry – these won’t be available much longer).  

Consistency is key to keeping up with a great winter skincare routine, and this is also the perfect time of year to go the extra mile in giving your skin some special care. With incredible deals and countless options for effective ways to pamper your skin, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to keep your skin looking great and feeling even better this season. To get started with your winter skincare, feel free to schedule a consultation with us

Have You Heard About the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion Treatment? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Have You Heard About the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion Treatment? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion TreatmentIf you’re a skincare lover, then the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion treatment is something you should definitely have on your radar. It might be a mouthful, but the impact of this treatment is simple: it combines tried-and-true skincare methods for a cutting-edge solution that nourishes and smoothes skin. Today, we’re diving into all of the need-to-know information about the groundbreaking Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion treatment, including exactly what the process entails, some of its staggering benefits, and how you can determine whether it’s right for you. Ready to learn about the latest and greatest skincare solution? Let’s get started.

The Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion Treatment Explained

Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion is a process that uses diamond tip microdermabrasion to deposit serums into the skin. These serums, which are rich in nutrients that protect and repair your skin, are therefore better able to permeate the skin’s surface. At the same time, this procedure consists of vacuuming out the skin’s impurities, from dead skin cells and acne to blackheads and excessive oil.

This non-invasive procedure combines all of the benefits of microdermabrasion and professional hydrofacials into one session, providing an ultra-effective skin treatment that gets nutrients to the areas of your skin that need them most.

Benefits of the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion Treatment

Due to its effective removal of impurities combined with its directly depositing nutrients into the skin, the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion treatment comes with an array of benefits. The first of these is the reduction of acne; by removing excess oils and impurities while depositing salicylic acid into the skin, this procedure can give patients visibly clearer skin within one week. Additionally, it’s been shown to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially when administered over time. Skin irregularities can also be visibly reduced by Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion: this includes hyperpigmentation, and rough feeling skin. If you have been experiencing dissatisfaction with your skin’s clarity, evenness, or fine lines, this could be an excellent method to try.

Is the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion Treatment Right for You?

All things considered, is the Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion a good idea for you? It certainly can be – especially if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne or blackheads
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rougher textured skin
  • Uneven skin tone

If you’ve tried other skincare procedures but have not experienced the results you’d like to see on your skin, Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion can be an excellent option to try. If you have struggled with any of the above but are interested in achieving brighter-looking skin while curbing the appearance of wrinkles, this is also a fantastic procedure for you

Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion is a cutting-edge solution that combines the best of microdermabrasion and hydrofacials to offer a visibly effective treatment for a variety of skin types. If you think Diamond Glow Dermal-Infusion might be right for you and would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call and book your consultation. In closing, did you know that the Diamond Glow Dermal Infusion treatment is what the Hollywood Stars receive to get glowing, healthy, and hydrated skin right before their Red Carpet debut? The treatment that has been a long time secret of the Hollywood Elite, is now available at Red Bamboo Medi Spa.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Botox Treatment

How to Get the Most Out of Your Botox Treatment

get the most out of your BotoxBotox can be an amazing investment for your skin. When administered by a skilled professional, Botox can reduce (or completely eliminate) the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead as well as prevent wrinkles from appearing in the long run. Getting Botox can be an excellent decision for both the health and appearance of your skin, and it’s important to know how to maximize its effects so that you can make sure it works as effectively as possible for as long as possible. Today, we’re going over some of the best things you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of your Botox and make sure your skin looks fresh and wrinkle-free now and in the long run. Let’s dive in.

What is Botox?

First and foremost, let’s quickly go over what Botox and its uses are. Botox is a protein solution that comes from Botulinum toxin. When administered correctly, it can serve a variety of aesthetic and medical purposes. This includes reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, reducing sweat, and helping with some cases of chronic pain (to name a few). Botox has been approved by the FDA to be administered around the eyes and forehead. The effects of Botox do wear off over time, so it’s a good idea to be well-versed in what you can do to make the most of it for as long as possible.

How Can You Make Your Botox Last as Long as Possible?

Though Botox does wear off over time, it’s an effective way to minimize and prevent wrinkles from appearing for UP to 4 months after injection – and potentially even longer if the right precautions are taken. Read on to find out some of the most effective things you can do to get the most out of your Botox.

Get It Done with a Great Provider

It all starts with who you trust to administer your Botox treatment. It is crucial that you work with an experienced provider who adheres to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and professionalism. Be sure you look through a provider’s online reviews to see first-hand how previous patients feel about their experience.

Practice Good Aftercare

In the 24 hours after receiving your Botox injections, avoid any strenuous exercise or excessive heat. Though it’s perfectly safe to go on a long run, to the sauna, or partake in any other high-heat activities after the initial 24-hour period, it’s also important to give the Botox time to settle into your muscles. Also avoid getting a facial within the first 24 hours after your treatment. Get your Botox off on the right foot by taking it easy in the first 24 hours – after that, you can go about your high-intensity activities as you normally would.

Use Excellent Skincare

Making the effects of your Botox last longer hinges on your ability to take good care of your skin – and that starts with the products you choose to use on it. Use high-quality skincare products with a track record of effectiveness when it comes to hydrating and firming your skin. Revision Skincare is an excellent choice to consider; as a 2020 winner of both the Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Awards and the NEWBEAUTY Award, it’s a fan favorite that works. IMAGE Skincare is also a great option; their physician-approved formulas are created to be both gentle and effective, giving long-term benefits to your skin from the inside out.

Avoid Sun Exposure and Damage

Generally speaking, one of the cardinal rules of skincare is to avoid sun damage as diligently as possible. This is also true for maximizing the effects of Botox. Try to minimize the amount of direct sun exposure you get on your face, and never forget to apply an SPF to your face and neck before leaving your home every day. You won’t just avoid sun spots, fine lines, and premature aging; you’ll help to minimize your susceptibility to skin cancer.

Don’t Smoke

This is another great rule of thumb outside of Botox preservation, but it’s also one of the most important to take into account if you want your treatment to last. Few factors cause premature aging to the degree that smoking does. In order to make sure you get the most out of your Botox, cut back on smoking cigarettes as much as possible (physicians recommend quitting entirely). By keeping those toxins out of your system – and, as a result, your skin – you’ll be well set up to keep your skin as smooth and wrinkle-free as possible, now and in the long term.

In order to get the most out of your Botox treatment, start by getting it from an excellent provider, being diligent about your aftercare, and investing in both skincare and lifestyle habits that prioritize the long-term health of your skin. To learn more about Botox or to set up an appointment, schedule a consultation with us.

Everything You Need to Know About the Groundbreaking Skinfinity Skin Tightening Treatment

Everything You Need to Know About the Groundbreaking Skinfinity Skin Tightening Treatment

The search for great skin treatment can be intimidating – after all, there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is the right treatment for you. That’s why we’re here. If you’ve been searching for an effective yet non-invasive way to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, you should know about Eclipse Skinfinity. This groundbreaking treatment is taking the cosmetic world by storm due to its low-maintenance, high-payoff appeal. Wondering whether Skinfinity is the answer your skin has been looking for? Keep reading this post to learn more about it.

What is the Eclipse Skinfinity Skin Tightening Treatment?

The Eclipse Skinfinity RF treatment is a cutting-edge method specially designed to smooth the skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and acne scarring. It also helps to reduce pore size, minimize rosacea, and prevent overall sagging. This treatment works by delivering highly controlled radio-frequency energy to the areas of your skin that are being treated.

Benefits of This Treatment

One of the most beneficial elements of this treatment is its low-risk nature. Because Eclipse Skinfinity is completely non-invasive and does not utilize light therapy like other leading treatments, it carries a very low risk of complications. Additionally, this treatment is safe for all skin types. Recipients are given a topical anesthetic ointment prior to treatment, as a warm sensation can be known to spread throughout the treatment zones while treatment is being delivered. However, recipients do not experience pain.

Another appealing element of the Eclipse Skinfinity treatment is it’s incredibly low recovery time combined with the speed at which results are seen. Makeup is safe to apply immediately after treatment if desired. Within just a few days of treatment, recipients will see a notable improvement in their skin’s overall appearance, namely in evenness, tone, and smoothness.

Is Skinfinity Right For You?

If you hesitate to try out new treatments due to sensitive skin, this low-maintenance procedure might be a great option for you. Generally, Eclipse Skinfinity is fantastic for anyone looking to give their skin a smoother and more youthful appearance. Busy lifestyles and jam-packed schedules are very compatible with this treatment, as well, due to its nonexistent recovery time and quickly perceptible results.

The groundbreaking Eclipse Skinfinity skin tightening treatment is a fantastic option that combines the convenience of a quick turnaround with the effectiveness of a professionally delivered procedure. If you’d like to learn more about Skinfinity, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Struggling with Maskne? Here’s How IPL Photorejuvenation Can Get Your Mask Acne Under Control

Struggling with Maskne? Here’s How IPL Photorejuvenation Can Get Your Mask Acne Under Control

Maskne Treatment There’s no denying that masks are an important provision against COVID-19. With that said, many people have started noticing and unfortunate consequence of consistent mask usage: acne. “Maskne” can be a real bummer, leaving you stuck between a rock and a hard place: doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 without sacrificing the health of your skin. Luckily, there are treatments in place to help keep your skin healthy, glowing, and acne-free. That starts with IPL Photorejuvenation. Today, we’re going over how IPL Photorejuvenation can get your mask acne under control (and other ways you can stop it from revisiting uninvited).

What is “Maskne?”

You may have guessed this, but “maskne” is essentially acne that pops up as a result of consistent mask usage. These blemishes tend to be located around the chin and lower cheeks, which are the spots most often covered by a standard mask.

The most common kind of acne is caused by oils and bacteria becoming trapped under the skin. When you wear masks for several hours in a day, your pores can’t breathe as freely as they would be able to otherwise. As a result, it’s common for your face’s natural oils to become trapped under the mask’s material. This, in turn, leads to increased buildup and – you guessed it – maskne.

What is IPL Photorejuvenation and How Can It Help?

If you have acne-prone skin, maskne can quickly become more than a nuisance; it can turn into a painful source of blemishes and even scarring. Whether your otherwise clear skin is suffering from a one-off case of maskne or you’ve dealt with acne for years, it could be worthwhile to consider IPL Photorejuvenation.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive technique that uses pulsed light to treat imperfections in the skin, including acne scarring, brown spots, and sun damage, among others. It can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even small scars on the face. If your skin has been through the wringer as a result of mask usage, this easy, non-surgical procedure can be a fantastic and effective way to give it a refresher.

Tips for Preventing Maskne

As is the case with any other type of acne, maskne can be prevented by a few lifestyle habits with varying degrees of success:

  • Switch out or wash your mask daily. Don’t re-use a mask that’s been used before; it’s likely that acne-causing oils and bacteria are right on the fabric, waiting to touch your skin. Make sure you wash your masks after each day of use to help curb the spread of bacteria onto your skin.
  • Use a lightweight mask material. Try to shy away from any materials that will cause your skin to perspire more than necessary. Of course, it’s important to still make sure that the material you use makes for an effective barrier. 100% cotton is a good choice if you’re wearing a fabric mask.
  • Simplify your skincare. When more blemishes appear, it can feel intuitive to turn to more skincare solutions. However, the answer might be in using less. Your skin is already going through a lot – don’t irritate it further by introducing a bunch of new products. Stick with a gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for daily use.

Maskne can be an extremely inconvenient part of mask usage, but rest assured that there are resources at your disposal to help curb it. By making small, sustainable changes to your skincare routine and looking into effective non-invasive procedures like IPL Photorejuvenation, you’ll be well on your way to getting your skin in better shape than ever.

Interested in learning more about IPL Photorejuvenation and other procedures that can help keep your skin healthy and spotless? Schedule a comprehensive consultation with us.

What is Jeuveau?, and Is this the Right Option For You?

What is Jeuveau?, and Is this the Right Option For You?

Jeuveau Injections There can be a lot of misconceptions out there about Botox, not the least of which is that Botox is the only option for relaxing wrinkles and fine lines. This couldn’t be further from the truth; there are plenty of great options out there as alternatives to Botox, and Jeuveau is taking the cosmetics world by storm. Are there any differences between Jeuveau and Botox and, if so, what are they? Is Jeuveau the right option for you? Today, we’re diving into all these questions in order to help you find the best neuro-modulator for your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Let’s get started.

Jeuveau Explained

Jeuveau works in the same way as Botox: it comes from the exact same bacterial source, and is injected into the skin in the same way. The best way to describe the relationship between Jeuveau and Botox is to think about two t-shirts of the same color, made by the same manufacturer, but distributed by different brands. T-shirt 1’s tag reads the name of a world-famous brand, while T-shirt 2’s label bears the name of an up-and-coming brand. They are made of the exact same materials but may have different price points due to Brand 1 being more popular and established than Brand 2. Though Jeuveau and Botox come from the same sources and serve the same functions, Botox is a more easily recognizable national brand, as it has the bigger brand name.

What Makes Jeuveau Different?

Funnily enough, the thing that makes Jeuveau different is that it is molecularly pretty much the same as Botox. The key difference is that, because Jeuveau is not as much of a household name as Botox, Jeuveau treatments can carry a lower price tag than Botox treatments for the same outcome.

The Benefits of Jeuveau  

In addition to lower costs and comparable results to Botox, Jeuveau carries an array of benefits. This includes being a less expensive, and less time-consuming alternative to surgeries like brow lifts. In addition, Jeuveau requires extensive training to be administered, just like Botox, and must be injected by a certified clinician. Another great thing about Jeuveau is that it is so similar to Botox that patients can switch to it after having had Botox in the past without fear of complications.

Who Is Jeuveau Right For?

Jeuveau is an excellent option for those who want the extraordinary effects of Botox without the hefty price tag. What’s more, Jeuveau can be used by people who have had Botox done in the past due to the high similarity between the two products. If you’re looking for an effective, non-invasive anti-aging procedure without an astronomical price tag, Jeuveau just might be the treatment for you.

At Red Bamboo Medi Spa, we’re committed to helping our clients find the right procedures that work for their goals and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to schedule a comprehensive consultation and find out whether Jeuveau fillers are right for you.