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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a revolutionary new technique that restores elasticity to the skin, erases fine lines, softens scars, and shrinks pores with no downtime.

Famous athletes Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods have used PRP therapy in the past. While it’s a terrific treatment for athletes of all kinds, it’s certainly not a treatment limited to only athletes. Anyone can benefit from PRP (you’ll see how a bit further down the page)!

Before that, let’s dive into the basics of PRP therapy.

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    What are the benefits of PRP?

    – Helps Treat Unresponsive Chronic Pain & Injuries
    – Reduces Tendonitis Symptoms
    – Helps Heal Conditions like Plantar Fasciitis & Jumper/Runner’s Knee
    – Natural Hair Loss Treatment
    – Reduced lower back pain

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    What is PRP?

    While our blood is mostly a liquid, it does have some small solid parts, including white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

    Many people think of white blood cells as vitally important for fighting infection. This is 100% true.

    But platelets play an equally important role as white blood cells. Platelets are the main agents your body used to clot blood, a function your body needs during cuts, injury, and even during healing. The hundreds of proteins within platelets also help the body self-heal injuries and scuffs.

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a liquid with a much higher concentration of platelets than what can typically be found in a healthy human body.

    By adding a higher concentration of platelets — up to 5 to 10 times greater, on average — patients can experience a faster healing process and increased injury prevention.

    Who is PRP for?

    Like we mentioned earlier, PRP is not only for athletes. Anyone who likes to be active, exercises regularly, or has discomfort in their joints, muscles, or areas of frequent movement (such as knees and elbows) can benefit from PRP therapy.

    Red Bamboo Medi Spa PRP-treatments Benefits of SmartLipo

    Most commonly, patients who seek out PRP therapy experience ailments such as:

    – Fractures
    – Previous surgery
    – Arthritis
    – Chronic tendon injuries
    – Chronic or aching muscle injuries

    How does PRP work?

    PRP is a multi-step process, but a fairly simple one (and fairly painless for patients.

    To prepare for a PRP treatment, blood is first drawn from a patient. The platelets within their blood are separated from other blood cells before more platelets are added during the centrifugation process.

    Once that happens, the increased platelet concentration is simply combined with the blood that remains.

    The actual method of PRP is still somewhat of a mystery to the scientific community. However, studies have shown that it can be extremely helpful in accelerating the healing process. It’s also been shown to ease some of the aches and pains that are “par for the course” during an ailment or injury.

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      PRP therapy specifically treats the site of an injury or ache in order to speed healing. This is typically done in two ways: This can be done in one of two ways:

      During injury: PRP is injected into the area that is currently injured.

      Example: Jan goes for an early evening run every day after work. For the last few weeks, she’s been experiencing discomfort around her upper heel/ankle area. When Jan goes to get it checked out, she is diagnosed with a partially-torn Achilles. Patients like Jan can get PRP therapy to help “stitch” her Achilles back together more quickly and more efficiently.

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      Post-injury: PRP is used to heal injuries that are in the process of healing or have been left untreated for some time

      Example: Rick has been experiencing acute pain in his left elbow for no less than four years. The discomfort has only increased over the years, so he decides to get it looked at by his doctor. Rick learns that he has acute elbow arthritis, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Rick visits Red Bamboo Medi Spa to try out PRP therapy. After a few weeks, Rick’s elbow pain feels more manageable, less achy, and more mobile.

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