Benefits of Botox

Aging brings with it a number of inevitable changes and additions, but increased lines and wrinkles on your skin don’t have to be included in those additions. Here at Red Bamboo Med Spa, our Botox treatments and wrinkle filling skin enhancers can provide a rejuvenating lift for your skin at an affordable price.

Botox has been available for a number of years, but there are many who are unfamiliar with the procedure and its benefits. While Botox is the trade name for a toxin that, in large doses can cause food poisoning, controlled usage during cosmetic procedures is a safe effective treatment for furrows across the forehead, eyes, and other wrinkles on the face that show the signs of aging.

Therapeutic Uses For Botox

In addition to cosmetic procedures, Botox can be used to treat several medical conditions such as excessive sweating, migraine headaches, dystonia, and even enlarged prostate conditions. Botox works by relaxing muscle contractions in the areas surrounding the injections site, and by blocking nerve impulses which trigger these contractions. By doing so, wrinkles relax and soften, and muscles which cause the above conditions return to their normal, non-inflammatory state.

Botox treatments do not require anesthesia of any kind, and typically only take a few minutes to perform. The results will last for months, and are all performed in office by our skilled staff physician Dr. Frank Toscano, who has been recognized as a Gold Level provider of Botox injections. All our injections are done with a fine needle to minimize discomfort, and past patients have been extremely satisfied with their results.

At Red Bamboo Med Spa, we’ve set a high standard for all our beauty treatments by focusing on non-surgical techniques and engaging in constant training to improve the quality of our services. For more information on our Botox injection services, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation appointment


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