Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Skin?

To maintain healthy and youthful looking skin, you must take proper care of it.  This may sound obvious and you probably feel as if you already are taking great care of your skin, but there are some important steps that you may be missing. There is a basic 4-step regimen that should be part of your normal skin care routine.


The most important thing you can do for your skin is to keep it clean!  You do not need expensive cleansers with fancy ingredients, just test a few out and choose the one that your skin responds best to.  If you have dry skin, stay far away from soap products.  You need one that is creamy and non-drying.  On the contrary, if your skin tends to be oilier, using a creamy cleanser with added moisturizers can make your face look greasy.

You also want to be careful that you are not cleansing too often.  Washing your face when you wake-up and before going to bed is usually all that you will need.  There are exceptions, however, like after a work-out or during summer months when you are sweating more.

Here are two helpful tips for basic skin care cleansing — never use extremely hot or very cold water and always make sure that you remove your make-up at the end of the day!


This is an important step that many people skip.  You should be exfoliating your skin once a week and as soon as you start, you will not believe the difference in the way your face looks!  There are many exfoliation products on the market, but we highly recommend taking advantage of Red Bamboo’s Microdermabrasion signature treatment.  Our BellaDerma Microdermabrasion machine is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!  It was developed by physicist Al Metcalf, the original inventor of microdermabrasion. This machine is designed to stimulate collagen and improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scarring.  Microdermabrasion also removes impurities hidden deep below the skin’s surface that normal cleansers are unable to reach.


Moisturizers have been a staple in skin care regimens for hundreds of years.  All skin types need moisture, regardless of whether your face is dry or oily — it doesn’t matter.  The only difference between the two is that drier skin obviously needs more moisturizer, sometimes even a heavy cream.  Contrary to belief, oily skin still needs to be moisturized, too, in order to keep it supple and replenish the fluid that is naturally lost throughout the day.  Just always be careful not to over-moisturize because this could end-up clogging your pores.

Use Sunscreen

If this hasn’t been pounded into your head enough yet, we are going to say it one more time — never leave the house without sunscreen on your skin.  This holds true for your entire body and not just your face!  Did you know that sun damage is the #1 cause of wrinkles? Even if it’s cloudy, raining or snowing out, you are still being exposed to the sun’s UV rays.  If you always forget to put sunscreen on when heading outdoors, a simple trick is to buy face and body moisturizers that already have it built-in!  How is that for easy?!

If you would like to discuss your skin care options in greater detail, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and also discuss what skin treatments we have available for you.

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