Are You a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Years ago, hairy faces and bodies were the “in” look for the most fashionable men and women in the world. Think of your great-grandparents methods of removing hair from the face, legs and underarms. By the way, shaving underarm hair for women in America didn’t become acceptable until the safety razor was invented. 

Fast forward to today’s most sought after hair removal process and you’ll immediately see and hear all the rave reviews about the miraculous procedure.

By the time you finish reading about all the benefits and the ease and how it will do more than just remove your unwanted hair, you’ll be looking for the closest place to get it done right now.

But, the truth is that not everyone is a candidate. 

Do You Qualify for Laser Hair Removal?

If you have dark hair, brown or black the possibility that you are a candidate is in your favor.  That said, there are a few other questions to answer. 

Is your skin tone on the darker end of the spectrum? If so, your pigmentation might cause either darker or lighter spots to appear after the treatment. 

Are you on acne medication or antibiotics? 

These medications can cause the treatment to develop skin problems and in rare cases, could aggravate bacterial infections. Even though the infections may be in some other area of your body, the bacteria could erupt through your skin showing up as much as a week after laser hair removal. 

If you have white, blonde or gray hair you automatically are disqualified but there are other alternatives such as asking a licensed aesthetician to recommend an alternative is a good step forward.

Who Should You Ask 

Technicians and aestheticians are not medical personnel.

You need to speak to an AMA licensed physician. For cost effectiveness, select a medical spa/cosmetic facility that has a licensed doctor on staff and speak to him or her. 


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