Are Chemical Peels Good for the Skin?

medical spaChemical peels have been a popular treatment in medi spas since day one. Many people seek out chemical peels to help the skin look younger, smoother and healthier. However, the proven fact is that chemical peels can also be very risky if not completed right and if completed too often. The question really is, are chemical peels good for the skin?

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels involve applying toxic chemical solutions to your skin that will initiate the removal of tissue. How far your treatment goes into your skin is up to you and the person you’ve hired to complete the chemical peel. Depending on your desired results, the depth may be greater than just a quick surface peel. Your skin will regenerate and grow new cells in place of the ones the peel removed.

Once you have consulted with your medi spa, you will determine which depth of chemical peel you will receive. There is a superficial chemical peel, which just grazes the top layer of skin; a medium chemical peel, which reaches the superficial layer; and a deep chemical peel, which is mainly for damaged skin that needs extreme treatment options.

Pros vs. Cons

A chemical peel, if done correctly, can leave the skin smoother and leave you looking younger than when you first walked in. That is mainly the goal of anyone seeking a chemical peel. The risk and side effects can leave you with scarring, a contrast in coloration of your skin and infection if not performed correctly.


Your job is to decide if you are a candidate for a chemical peel and if it will benefit you. Choosing a superficial peel as opposed to a deep peel obviously lowers the chances of side effects and will have a huge impact on your decision. 

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