The Alphabet Might Hold the Secrets to Looking Younger

sunscreenOf the many telltale signs of aging skin, you’d never guess that the letters of the alphabet might hold the solution. Everything from smoking and weight gain to sun damage and nutrient deprivation can impact the health of your skin, but you might be struggling to determine the exact causes of your own premature aging. There is a simple alphabet guide that uses certain capital letters to identify how and why your skin looks older and more tired.

The Letter M: Sun Exposure

Imagine the letter M extending from each of your cheek bones, up to your eyebrows, and then diagonally down to meet at the center of your lips. This “M” form highlights forehead and cheek pigmentation problems, wrinkles under the eyes, and sagging skin. If you see the M on your own face, head into a medi spa for micro-needling, laser treatment, or a skin peel, especially at the end of each summer. These treatments rejuvenate the skin and trigger the healing process that will help repair sun damage.

The Letter W: Aging Induced By Weight Loss

Losing weight is a huge accomplishment, but it can often also cause unwanted changes to your face. Flip the M upside down and you get the letter W extending from the outer edges of each of your eyebrows, down to the outer corners of your lips, and back up to meet at the center of your brows. Loss of facial volume, a hollow jaw, and heavier cheeks mark weight loss-induced aging. Midface dermal fillers that specialize in restoring cheek volume can make a huge difference for you.

The Letter H: Sleep Deprivation

If you can see a virtual H on your face, with two vertical lines extending from your brows to your chin and a horizontal line connecting those vertical lines over the bridge of your nose, then you might not be getting enough sleep. Dark circles and hollow cheeks are the giveaways. Sleep repairs the body and refreshes the skin, and a great skin care regime can help the skin superpower its healing potential overnight. Microdermabrasion can also help to revitalize exhausted skin.

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