Achieve the Lashes of Your Dreams with Latisse

Red Bamboo Medi Spa eyelashes-300x200 Achieve the Lashes of Your Dreams with Latisse  Just a few short years ago, women frustrated by short or thin lashes had very few options to enhance their eyelashes. Eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes were the best solutions, but they both came with the downside of continual care and upkeep. Thanks to the FDA’s approval of Latisse, all of that has changed. Longer, darker lashes are now within every woman’s reach.

About Latisse

Latisse is the first and only eyelash growth treatment to receive FDA-approval. It requires just one daily application, and with enough time your eyelashes will begin to grow just like your hair and nails. But Latisse ensures that your lashes don’t just simply grow, but that they grow thicker, darker, and longer than ever before.

Enjoying the Benefits of Latisse

One full Latisse treatment lasts 16 weeks, but you can often notice your beautiful new lashes taking root after only 4 weeks of applications! Your lashes will be twice as thick, 25 percent longer, and nearly 20 percent darker.

Eyelashes do truly make a difference in your overall appearance, which is why extensions are so popular. Latisse offers an excellent alternative to extensions, which require maintenance repairs every month and become very costly. With Latisse, you can grow your own permanent extensions by simply enhancing your existing lashes!

The Proof

Clinical trials prove by the numbers that Latisse works as it claims.  Latisse was used at 16 locations across the country with a total of 278 patients aged 22-78. By week 16, the group using Latisse demonstrated 78 percent increase in eyelash prominence, while only 18 percent of the control group experienced results.

Tips for Best Results

To see the best results from Latisse, you need to incorporate it into your daily routine, just like you brush your teeth and take a shower. Regularity is the key so that your lashes can thrive. And be sure to only use it once a day. Applying twice in a 24 hour period will not increase eyelash growth, only diminish your valuable supply.

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