3 Things You Never Knew about Laser Hair Reduction

laser hair removalLaser hair reduction, also commonly called laser hair removal, is an incredibly popular procedure that provides a lasting alternative to shaving and waxing through the gentle power of laser energy. Unwanted body hair can be a huge inconvenience and even a source of embarrassment, especially as hot Florida weather makes shorts and tank tops the most comfortable clothing choices. You may find yourself considering laser hair reduction to finally eliminate bothersome leg, arm, back, chest, neck, facial, and bikini area hair just in time for the summer season. If so, here are a few things you may not have known about the procedure!

Grow Your Hair, Then Shave Before Treatment

In the days and weeks leading up to your laser hair reduction treatment, it’s wise to let your hair grow as much as possible. Though not necessary, this precaution helps to set your hair follicles into the proper growth stage so the lasers can efficiently target the follicles and make the most progress. It’s impossible to get all of your hairs in a synchronized growing cycle, but letting your hair grow can get you closer. However, on the day of treatment itself, you should actually shave the areas being treated. This helps the laser focus directly on hair follicles, rather than being hindered by hairs on the surface of your skin.

You Will Need Multiple Appointments

Laser hair reduction works wonders, but not in one single treatment. The best results emerge after consistent appointments every four to six weeks. The face tends to respond more promptly, after about six to eight sessions, while the body might need up to ten sessions to be officially hair free. But don’t worry, because laser hair reduction appointments are quick and simple. Depending on the parts of your body being treated, you can be in and out in as little as 10 to 20 minutes!

Laser Hair Reduction Isn’t Just For Light Skin with Dark Hair

For many years, lasers weren’t quite advanced enough to treat darker skin colors or hair with blonde, red, or gray hues. Since laser hair reduction works by directing heat energy into each hair’s pigment in order to destroy the hair follicle, the process isn’t effective if the laser cannot detect hair pigment. Fortunately, technology has quickly advanced, and there are now many laser systems that can efficiently provide laser hair reduction treatment to just about any skin and hair colors.

Summer is quickly approaching, so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of RedBamboo MediSpa’s spring sale on laser hair reduction. After just a few easy treatments, you will never have to rely on your razor again! Give RedBamboo a call today at 727-726-6100 to schedule your first appointment.

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