The Ultimate Benefits of a European Facial

Facials have a very long and rich history in skincare, dating back to the queen of beauty herself, Cleopatra, who applied egg whites to her face on a regular basis. Since that time, the art of the facial mask has developed significantly and expanded into an enormous part of the cosmetic industry. If you’re new to facials or simply looking for a simple and reliable way to improve the health of your skin, give the European facial a try!

A European facial is perhaps the most popular and common type of facial because it works so efficiently to cleanse, brighten, tighten, tone, and clear the skin. When done regularly (like Cleopatra’s egg whites!), the European facial can serve as the ultimate skincare maintenance to improve and maintain your skin’s overall appearance. Read More

The Best Treatments for a Youthful Neck and Chest

The face gets the majority of anti-aging attention in the cosmetic world, but let’s not forget its close neighbors that also show unwanted signs of aging: the neck and chest! Though signs of aging on the neck and chest may not be as well publicized, they are no less frustrating. In fact, since the neck is often more neglected altogether, it’s common for a woman’s neck to show more age than her face due to a lack of sun protection and general care and hydration over the years. If the site of your own neck and chest leaves you wishing you could wear a turtleneck or scarf all year round, it’s time to treat yourself to one of the following cosmetic treatments that are proven to rejuvenate the skin in that area. Read More

What’s Their Secret? How the Stars Glow on the Red Carpet

There’s nothing that unites TV viewers quite like major, star-studded events. The Super Bowl, for instance, or the Oscars. If you are one of the millions of Americans who tunes in to watch the Red Carpet extravaganza before every award show, you probably find yourself wondering how it is possible for stars like Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, and Charlize Theron to look so perfectly stunning. While expensive dresses and renowned hair stylists account for much of their looks, how do they achieve such luminous skin? These skincare secrets can help you channel your inner Hollywood starlet with the same glow. Read More

Get a Stunning Beach Body with SmartLipo

It’s almost that time of year: the summer season when beach bodies are on full display in sunny Florida. If you’re like many men and women, you exercise regularly and try to eat a reasonably healthy diet, yet you still feel frustrated by the stores of fat that simply won’t melt away. Rather than torture yourself on the treadmill until June, do yourself a favor and consider SmartLipo as your best tool to obtain the slim, contoured body you’ve always wanted.

Unlike traditional liposuction, that requires a more complicated procedure, SmartLipo combines the best of fat removal with modern technology to provide a quick, efficient, and virtually painless form of body fat reduction. Read More

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask about Female Orgasm Disorder

Sexual health is a difficult topic to discuss. Even as our society becomes bolder and more outspoken, certain “bedroom” issues are still seen as sensitive subjects or sources of embarrassment. If you are a woman who has trouble reaching orgasm during sex, you could be one of the 33 percent of women struggling with a very common condition known as Female Orgasmic Dysfunction. Once you understand its causes, you can pursue the best and most cutting edge solutions to boost your confidence between the sheets. Read More

Everything You Never Knew about Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, also known as soft tissue fillers, have become some of the most popular tools in the fight against aging. Unlike Botox, which relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles when they contract repeatedly over time, dermal fillers rejuvenate the skin by replacing what has been lost over time, like collagen and volume. There are a number of different dermal fillers available today, and each works slightly differently to bring customized results where they are needed most. If you’re not sure where to start, this guide will send you in the right direction. Read More