Summer Sunscreen Secrets

Being a risk taker can have its thrills and benefits in certain situations, but definitely not when it comes to sun safety. This is particularly true in Florida, where the strong sun constantly places you at risk of sustaining UV damage to your skin. In addition to unsightly sun spots and painful sunburn, prolonged exposure to UV rays also increases your likelihood of having skin cancer down the road. By following these simple sunscreen secrets, you can ensure that you can soak in the rays this summer without any negative consequences. Read More

3 Ways PRP Can Change Your Life

Platelet rich plasma, commonly known as PRP, is a totally natural form of aesthetic enhancement that can deliver astonishing results. PRP is derived from your own blood after it is placed through a centrifuge to concentrate the levels of platelets. Since platelets contain proteins and growth factors known to support the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in the skin, an injection of PRP can repair and restore skin tissue in a way that nothing else can. Read More

Belotero: The Most Delicate Facial Filler

If you’re searching for a simple cosmetic treatment that will deliver gentle yet effective results in the fight against aging, you may be considering the use of a dermal filler. Also known as facial fillers or soft tissue fillers, dermal fillers have become some of the most popular tools to minimize and reverse signs of aging. Though each type of filler is different, they all utilize unique formulas to provide the skin with the volume, hydration, and collagen that gradually disappears with time. Belotero Balance stands out from all other dermal fillers, because it is the only option gentle enough to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial etchings on the most delicate areas of the face. Read More

How to Prep Your Skin for the Summer Sun

It’s easy to let your skincare routine slide over the winter when you’re wearing pants and long sleeves, but as the Florida sun gets hotter and delivers its irresistible summer weather, you may put on a skirt or pair of shorts and realize that your skin is in desperate need of some TLC. Since you still have a few months before summer officially arrives, these skincare tips can help you rejuvenate and refresh your skin so it’s ready to be flaunted.

Begin Laser Hair Reduction Sessions Read More

3 Things You Never Knew about Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction, also commonly called laser hair removal, is an incredibly popular procedure that provides a lasting alternative to shaving and waxing through the gentle power of laser energy. Unwanted body hair can be a huge inconvenience and even a source of embarrassment, especially as hot Florida weather makes shorts and tank tops the most comfortable clothing choices. You may find yourself considering laser hair reduction to finally eliminate bothersome leg, arm, back, chest, neck, facial, and bikini area hair just in time for the summer season. If so, here are a few things you may not have known about the procedure! Read More

Unleash the Power of a Passion Peptide Peel

Skin peels are some of the oldest and most trusted treatments to rejuvenate and refresh tired, dull, damaged skin. This is especially important in Florida, where the harsh sun can cause damage in the blink of an eye. Unlike other treatments that utilize sophisticated technologies to trigger deep healing in the dermis, skin peels simply harness the power of natural ingredients like green tea and passion fruit enzymes to exfoliate and brighten the skin. Some peels are more powerful than others, so it’s important to do your research before you commit to a certain peel. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective peel that is safe even if you’re pregnant, then the Passion Peptide Peel is calling your name. Read More